33316 Grand River Ave. Farmington, Mi 48336

craft cocktails

Gin Ball wizard

a refreshing, slightly bitter cocktail with a bright floral palette. 

arbor winter gin, elderflower cordial, true ginger, citrus bitters, lemon.


playful twist on an old fashioned

dcd butchers cut bourbon, st germaine, luxardo cherry, strawberry, orange, basil, orange bitters.

ms. pac-man

an elevated take on a classic cosmopolitan

american fifth vodka, triple sec, citrus syrup, true grenadine, true tonic, lime juice.

earthworm jim

a whimsical combination of wine, bourbon, balsamic and fresh thyme.

three chords barrel aged bourbon, red wine float, balsamic glaze, thyme simple syrup, orange juice/grenadine mixed with lemon.

bee's knees sangria

a tart, sweet take on a sangria with a lingering nutty floral aftertaste,

amaretto, red wine, honey lavender simple syrup, and lemon juice

fire flower

a floral elevation of a classic negroni

new holland knickerbocker gin, campari, elderflower cordial, dashes of bitters and lemon juice.

kirby rose

frozen rose what more to say?

robertson winer rose, arbor winter gin, lavender, lemon juice. 

Frozen Cocktails

DK - Donkey Kong

Frozen cinnamon, sweet bananas

New Holland Fresh water barrel rum,

JM Banana pudding liqueur, ​

Island oasis banana, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, fresh lemon juice.


Frozen raspberry margarita

cabrero silver tequila, island oasis raspberry, citrus simple syrup, lime.


Refreshing watermelon colada

new holland fresh water barrel rum, island oasis watermelon, pina colada, lime juice, fresh mint.


a farmington twist on a classic pina colada

malibu's coconut rum, blue curacao, lavender simple syrup, ginger ale, island oasis pina colada.


Play on a whiskey peach smash

DCD Butchers cut bourbon, island oasis peach, citrus simple syrup, orange bitters, basil.

Non alcoholic menu

screechers rooter on tap

donkey kong jr

virgin pina colada


warm pretzel

not your average lunchable